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knoxville flooring pros about usI’ve been doing flooring since I was 16 years old. I was fortunate enough to work with my Uncle, who is a master carpenter & Architect.

Every flooring job is different due to the fact that every house is different. It ages differently. The time of construction, the type of construction, and of course the flooring varies will shape the scope and design of your next flooring project.

There is one crucial element to a successful flooring installation. That is having the knowledge and experience to evaluate how the installation area is going to transition into the non renovated areas. It makes a huge difference in the success of the project, and it’s part of our consultation process.

From my years of experience installing flooring,  I understand how to  manipulate these transitions. This will make the install area seamless to the existing areas. For instance if you have a room that you’re connecting to another room, the heights of each room have to be evaluated  to know what type of transition you’re going to use, before you do any sort of install. This is an example of the kind of quality craftsmanship  you’re going to have in your finished product.

For me and my team at Knoxville Flooring Pros,  preparation is the key to a successful installation. It promotes efficiency,  avoids error, and helps us to prioritize protecting the clients home. Through this process, we insure the best possible layout.

The part I love about flooring is that floors can really transform a house. New Flooring will  really transform the lifestyle of living in that home.

Please give us a call for your next flooring installation for a free no obligation consultation. We’re looking forward to working with you and making your dream floor come true! Click here for Contact Page
Sincerely, Brett Warren